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Business Maturity Assessment

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How many years have you been in business?

Your company's annual revenue is:

How often have you produced significant annual net profit IN ADDITION to paying owner/employee(s) a market competitive salary?

Does your company have a documented sales process?

Does your company have, and use effectively, CRM (Sales/Marketing), ERP (Financial), or HRM (Human Resource) systems?

Your training process for new employees is:

Business Maturity Assessment

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Do you actively manage your financial decisions through using a specified budget?

Do you have an accounting of the current value of your work-in-process/inventory/purchase orders?

Do you feel your staff understands exactly how your company makes a profit?

Are you getting the bottom line profit results that you want?

If you took your traditional line of credit (not credit cards) as a percentage of your annual sales, what would that be?

Do you know what your average account receivables are as a % of annual sales?

Business Maturity Assessment

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Does your company regularly update sales forecasts including a funnel of current opportunity/deal stages?

In your company, do you actively oversee all hiring/firing?

Do you personally have to push people to meet goals?

How many employees directly report to you?

You know what you should do each day, but how often are you able to actually stay focused on it?

Business Maturity Assessment

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Is the business creating long-term wealth for you?

Can you find any dependable, responsible help when you need it?

If you are not physically at your office (place of work), how sure are you that work will get done properly?

Who for sure knows the unique features of your company's product/service AND the value it brings to customers?

Does your company have, distribute, and follow an employee handbook/manual?

Business Growth Cycle Evaluation

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